Getting out of the Car Funny

My neighbor hurt his back getting out of the car. It's one of those low to the ground sports cars with fancy doors.

He knows I'm into health so he asked me what he could do to fix it.

I hate to see him in pain but I have no secret cure for him.

I told him to take an Advil and call his doctor which he did and he is feeling 80% better 5 days later which is good.

Really, I do know what to do but my prescription would not have helped.

I couldn't say to him, "well, you should begin moving your body everyday starting years ago."

His back is not an illness. It is a symptom.

There's this old proverb I'm sure many of you have heard that goes:

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

My neighbor is in his 40s. He didn't hurt his back because he got out of his car funny.

He hurt his back because he has not been treating his body right.

He doesn't move enough so his muscles have begun to atrophy and his joints have begun to stiffen.

He treats his fancy car better than he treats himself.

Hurting your back while doing a mundane task is a symptom of the lack of movement.

When we don't move we become weak and brittle and prone to injury.

The best cure is prevention and the best prevention is daily movement.

And the place to begin daily movement is walking.

Walking is a gateway drug to getting healthy as it can lead to:

  1. More and other types of movement.

  2. More energy.

  3. Greater Flexibility.

  4. Better rest.

Have a great day everybody.