What To Eat

More Protein, Less Garbage

This is the second post in a 4 part series on healthy eating. Part one is here where I discuss how nutrition is more important to getting and staying lean than exercise.

Let’s talk about what to eat.

Two things to begin:

1. The food we eat is what fuels and fortifies our bodies. If we consume garbage, we’re running on garbage. If we consume nutrient rich foods, we’re running on what our body needs to stay healthy for years.

2. We have been indoctrinated with bad information by our own government and by large processed food conglomerates for a long time. I’m not going too far down this rabbit hole now but, suffice to say, this is why the obesity rate has exploded in the US over the past 50 years. Have a look:

The above chart is from Ted Naiman’s book The PE Diet. See below for more information on this.

This second point is a big problem. We hold core beliefs about food that are wrong and those beliefs don’t disappear after reading one Substack post.

The food pyramid is whack and prioritizing grains, cereal, rice, and pasta has had incalculable negative health effects.

The USDA adopting the pyramid in 1992 and promoting it to school children relentlessly has done no end of harm. 

Here’s an alternative take on the pyramid:

Instead of eating a majority of grains plus sugary fruits like oranges and bananas, we are better off eating more protein.

Here’s What To Eat

Cut out grains and sugary fruits and eat mostly protein-rich foods like:

Fish and Shellfish




Plain Yogurt



Low Carb vegetables and fruits like:




Here’s the money graphic from Naiman’s book:

The SAD (Standard American Diet) promotes energy toxicity which is a fancy way of saying obesity while high protein foods are nutrient dense and give your body what it needs to run healthy.

If you want to better understand a high protein to energy diet, here’s a great free website from Ted Naiman that gives away a ton of this information.

You can buy Naiman’s PE Diet book in hardcover for $80 or on PDF for $20. I can’t recommend this enough.