Why Do Dogs Get the Zoomies?

Why do dogs get the Zoomies?

You know that thing when they run around in circles until they are breathless and then they lie down for a minute before doing it over and over again?

Dogs get the Zoomies because its fun.

That's it. They love to do it so they do it.

I'm gonna skip the treatise about dogs being Zen Masters or dog spelled backwards being god but I would've put that here. You're welcome.

Remember when we were kids and we loved to run around in circles?

Or maybe to the tree and back or chasing each other or playing tag or running bases or chasing the dog?

Running with abandon is fun for people too and I don't think it ever stops being fun.

There's no rule saying we can't chase a dog or pretend to be Skeets Nehemiah.

Call it HIIT or whatever but it's more fun just playing.

And that kid will always be more a part of who we are than anyone.

Renaldo Skeets Nehemiah, the first man to ever run the 110m hurdles in under 13 seconds.