Dr. Phil’s August Walkabout

During August, I am going to take a good walk every single day. Rain or shine.

During August, I am going to take a walk every single day. Rain or shine. At least 3 miles but some days 4, 5, or 6 miles.

Most days, I’ll be doing this early in the morning but it can be anytime. Also, some days, I’ll run instead of walk.

I’m not doing this for charity or as a challenge or whatever.

I’m doing it to promote walking and to encourage others to walk.

Walking is fantastic and healthy and can:

  1. Spur Creativity

  2. Enhance Mood

  3. Help Keep Us Lean

  4. Improve Coordination

  5. Boost the Immune System

  6. Increase Longevity

  7. Reduce Arthritis

  8. Lower Blood Pressure

  9. Plus More!

I like to meditate when I walk and just let my mind wander too.

Plus, it’s a gateway drug to other healthy behaviors like other types of movement, better sleep, and better nutrition.

Please join me and go walk. You don’t have to go everyday. But more days than not is good.

I will tweet updates to all this walking so you can follow me on Twitter here

Plus, I wrote more about walking here.

Now get out there and take a walk people!