Healthy Addictions

I had dinner a couple weeks ago with an old and close friend I haven't seen since before the COVID.

He told me I looked great 😄 and asked me if the healthy habits had become an addiction.

I said yes in the moment as a spontaneous reply to his question but I never really thought about it that way.

I have an addictive personality. Zero doubt. But I never really framed the past few years like I was intentionally replacing destructive addictions with constructive ones. I’m just trying to be a healthy dad and set a positive example for my kids.

Am I addicted to skipping breakfast?

Am I addicted to black coffee?

Am I addicted to walking?

Am I addicted to calisthenics?

Am I addicted to ground beef, eggs, and salmon?

Am I addicted to teetotaling

Am I addicted to sprints?

Am I addicted to pull ups?

I think I am. I hope so.