Just a Thought

I went to my son's lacrosse tournament last week.

I saw a lot of dads there who looked like they used to play sports. Their athletic bodies were still there beneath a layer of fat amassed over years of eating wrong. 

Humans are the only beast in the animal kingdom where this happens. You don't see obese cheetahs or zebras.

It was an all day thing and in the team tents, there were tons of snacks like donuts and chips and soda.

I felt angry about the success of gargantuan processed foods conglomerates that spend billions concocting addictive recipes, lobbying DC, and marketing relentlessly and misleadingly.

They have helped shape a culture in terms of how we eat, how we look, and how we feel to the point where now fat is normal.

There's no law saying we must abide by their unscrupulous design. Not yet anyway.

And we do not have to fall in line with these whack cultural norms.