On Developing a Factor Model for Bouncing Back!
The gurus cant answer these questions for you even with all the fitness porn in the world.
We can apply the same principles consumer tech, marketers, and other establishments inflict without going Full Kaczynski.

December 2022

We can reinvent ourselves at any age and no matter how many times we’ve stumbled or fallen before.
I made a one page cheat sheet for my pal Steve who wants to get fit in 2023.
December is a great time to set health goals for the coming year.
Winter begins in less than 3 weeks and the 40 shortest days of the year starts today.

November 2022

Three days per year account for the majority of the weight adults gain annually in the US.
I want less.

October 2022

Savor the joy of others. It is abundant and free and it will lift your spirits and boost your wellbeing even as you add positive energy to the world.
We can improve ourselves at any age and the fundamental reference points are our past, present, and future selves.
I do a couple stretches early in the morning that I benefit from a lot and that feel great. I can’t recommend them enough, especially in tandem.